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We’ll show you how to get Windows 11 ISO in 32/64 bit and all its features. You can simply locate Windows 11 news, features, release date, system requirements, and more. If you don’t know how, we’ll show you. Users searched for Windows 11 32/64 bit ISO files. This Windows version isn’t yet available. On June 24.

Windows 11 ISO

It is believed that some announcements can be made regarding the release of Windows 11. After which it will be released to the user. It is being told that once this version is available for download, it will be available only on the official portal Microsoft. Soon after the leak of Windows 11 features and ISO files, users started loving it.

Windows 11 ISO File Download 32/ 64 Bit

Microsoft decided to provide Windows 11 Download ISO Full Free Reddit and Mega for users, but before that, all the features and technical information about Win 11 Lite version Ne Leak came to the fore. Microsoft had also launched a version before this, which was released last year on July 25, 2015.

At that time Windows 10 was introduced to the world, which the users very much liked. So far Microsoft has provided Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7 users, all these versions are fully upgradeable for free.

But no information is available about whether Windows 11 will have upgrade features for free or not.

Many people believe that Microsoft is working on Windows 10x, it can upgrade the old version instead of the new version, but it has not happened. He worked on Windows 11 to give Windows a look and hope that it would be able to provide a whole new experience to the user.

Windows 11 Leaked News

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 operating system has been leaked online today. We will guide you ultimately to install it in today’s post. This information was first received after the screenshot was published for the first time on the Chinese site Baidu. The entire Windows 11 OS has got to see the user with a new user interface, start menu, and much more.

Many features of Windows 11 SE leaks are inherited from Windows 10x. Microsoft previously discontinued it, but then it was released. Inside it, you will continue to get most of the same features as before, but Windows 11 has been designed so that it can work optimally in dual devices of its users.

Windows 11 Leaked News

Many new features will be added to it, significantly enhancing the user interface.

The new Windows 11 user interface and Start menu will be seen the same way. Microsoft was simplifying Windows for dual-screen devices on this project. You can get to see many changes in this. In this, you are going to get changes in its taskbar, as well as many new add-on features will be added to it.

Windows 11 Release Date and Time in India

The decision to launch the new version of Windows will determine the schedule on June 24. The event is scheduled to take place on 24 June 2021 at 11 am. It may indicate the Windows 11 ISO download release date.

The new version of Windows is nothing but Windows 10 with a UX refresh. If you compare its features with Windows 10, you will not see much difference.

We want to tell you that on June 24, Microsoft will not test Windows 11 as many tests have already been done on Windows 11 ISO build. All its updates have been completed, now you just have to wait till the event is over,

after which you can see many other features of Windows 11 on their website. It is also being said that to provide more convenience to the user after the event, Microsoft may announce Win 11 SE version direct download link on Google Drive, Reddit, or Quora site on June 24.

Features of Windows 11 for PC

  • The touch controls in Windows 11 for pc are vastly improved compared to Windows 10. Inside it, you will not see the problems you used to see in 10.
  • In this version, new sounds that occur during system operation have been added. After Windows 10 in 2015, no significant sound changes were made. This unique sound will be heard when Windows is started or closed and during various click activities. Windows has its unique sound which is loved by all.
  • To work late at night, you will have the option of dark mode in Windows 11, in which you can run your windows screen in night mode. This is a safety feature which helps you to protect your eyes. This feature was not yet seen in Windows 10.
  • The sharp corners will not be available in Windows 11, instead, the corners of the various bars have been rounded ham which will look more unique and better than before. This change has been done after a long time, before this no work on the sharp corners was done in all the versions.
  • In any version of Windows, you get to see new icons. Similarly, many new icons have been added to Windows 11 as well. Which is capable of providing you with a different experience. It looks pretty impressive. Along with this, their color has also been changed. This will make it more attractive than the earlier versions.
  • Various new widgets have been added to the version of Windows 11.
  • The Start Menu in Windows has its own unique identity. Through which all users can identify Windows by looking at the start menu. Windows 11 has also made a new Start menu, and the taskbar has also been installed.
  • The split screen has been included as one of the newest features in Windows 11, which you have seen so far in mobile phones, but you will now get to see the split screen in the new Windows 11 version. Along with this, the features of creating various groups have also been added. Both these features help you to work more easily.
  • This time the designers have added panels. In which the change of emoji and clipboard can be seen. By pressing the window key + period button, emoji, kaomoji, gif, symbol, and the clipboard can be viewed easily.
  • Trendy and new icons have been added to Windows 11. Whose look is quite impressive.
  • Many new animations have been added to it, and these new animations have also been a part of Windows 11 SE. Even before this, many types of spirits would have been seen, but animations are being displayed even better this time. You can see these animations while moving and dragging windows. Opening, closing a new window, and minimizing a tap have different energies than in earlier versions of Windows.
  • You get new OOBE features, including connecting to a new network, setting a new PIN for security, and signing up for a new Microsoft account.

How to Install Windows 11 on 64-Bit OS Step by Step 2021

Installing Windows 11 64 Bit OS is very easy, we are providing you simple instructions for it so that you can download it without any hassle. Sometimes you may face problems installing it due to it not being downloaded correctly. If you install Windows 11 by following our instructions, it will run.

  • First of all download the ISO file from the download link through link given below.
  • After this, you will need a USB drive with at least 16 GB space (use it) to make it bootable
  • Make a pen drive bootable using Rufus.
  • After this, you have to launch Rufus and choose the Windows 11 ISO file you downloaded here.
  • You have to keep the file as default.
  • Plug the USB drive into the system where you want to install Windows 11.
  • Before installing, restart your laptop/PC and hold the boot key.
  • Select the USB drive when the boot device options are displayed.
  • Here you have to press the enter button, after which the installation process of Windows 11 will start.
  • This may take some time, wait.
  • Now choose your language, time, and keyboard input method.
  • You don’t have a product key, so you have to select the option “I don’t have a product key”.
  • After that select the Windows 11 version which we need to install.
  • After that select the partition for Windows 11 installation.
  • After that, it will be installed successfully.

How to Fix Error in Windows 11?

The link to use Windows 11 officially is not yet provided. So, Microsoft has not yet given a clear explanation for how to upgrade and fix the error in Windows 11.

Once it is released, if any kind of error is seen in it, then it will be provided to you by Microsoft. If you are planning to install it, you need to check the requirement of the operating system by laptop/desktop, PC, etc.

If all the requirements related to this are fulfilled then you do not get to see any kind of error in Windows 11.

Microsoft Win 11 System Requirement

To use Windows 11, you must have the following requirements in your system. Without this, you cannot install Windows 11 on your computer or laptop.

windows 11 download
  • At least 15 GB hard disk space is required.
  • Computer should have 2 GB RAM or above
  • 1.2 GHz single-core processor (32-bit)
  • or 1.4 GHz single-core processor (64-bit)
  • Monitor with 1024×768 resolution.

What is Continuity Mode in Windows 11?

Windows 11 uses Continuity Mode, which allows the user to adapt to hybrid computers and enable it to perform all kinds of tasks.

Will Windows 11 be available for free?

Although there is no information on whether Windows 11 will be free yet, according to an article by Android Authority, Windows 11 is expected to be a free upgrade for users using Windows 10 or Windows 8 with a valid license. Chances are. The free Windows 11 upgrade will install on your computer/laptop without any manual updates.

Will you get a notification about Windows 11 on your computer?

When Windows 11 is released to users, the notification will show on older Windows 10. With which you can upgrade the windows of your system and install new windows 11.

What is the date of Windows 11?

There is no official statement about the release date of Windows 11 yet, but it can be revealed on June 24, 2021.

What is the setup size of the new version of Windows 11?

The setup size of the upcoming new version of Windows 11 has been increased from 4.54 GB to 6 GB. Which you can easily install on all computers.

Final Word

Friends, it is inevitable that Microsoft has included a new setup experience in Windows 11. Which is going to increase your user experience even more.

It’s similar to Windows 10X, with users upgrading it to Windows 11 by running newer hardware. Inside it, you will get a chance to see many new features. Downloading Windows 11 ISO File will be a good experience for you. Microsoft Windows 11 has improved the Xbox experience to improve the game’s performance.

Through this, you will be able to get a new experience of the game. The Xbox can quickly access the network’s social parts and the Xbox Store.

We have given you simple instructions to download Windows 11 ISO File, along with the features that come with it. If you have any other queries related to Windows 11, then you can comment on us in our comment box.

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