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The Walking Dead Season One MOD APK v1.20 (Unlimited Money)

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Do you like horror movies and want to play an exciting game on your smartphone with the same feel? If yes, The Walking Dead Season One Mod Apk is your ideal choice.

the walking dead season

Take pleasure in the excitement of horrifying situations and use your options to escape them.

Regarding The Walking Dead

A popular game, The Walking Dead combines graphic novels/movies with plenty of dialogue and cutscenes and TV episodes. Making the appropriate decisions to navigate challenging scenarios is a key aspect of the gameplay.

the walking dead season

The fact that the characters are engaging to chat with and have pre-recorded voices keeps you interested in the story, which is one of the finest aspects of this game.

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This is not a game that can be played in quick bursts; it took me a while before I could even begin the first episode. Throughout each episode, you must ensure that they have access to food, shelter, and safety as they deal with a variety of unforeseen circumstances with the assistance of your devoted dog companion.

Unlimited cash

Pay attention to the music in the background since it might tell you what is happening in the area. In contrast to the stillness of the dead region, if there aren’t many zombies around, there will be more ambient sounds or music if you are close to a lot of zombies.


The game employs a standard timed dialogue system where the player must approach a floating action button to engage with the surrounding area or other characters.

While much of the plot is told from a third-person viewpoint, the gameplay periodically flips to a first-person perspective.

the walking dead season

You may see certain characters differently throughout the game if they pass away. The game presents various characters, each with their personality quirks, and it is up to you to decide what to do with them.

Choose options

If you want to win this game, decision-making is a necessary ability. Several options are available to you in The Walking Dead; based on your choices, the following episodes will change.

Unlimited Money

Take the meeting with Carley and Doug, locked in a vehicle, as an example. Whether you save them or not will affect the direction of the subsequent episodes.

the walking dead season

Try to keep one bullet in your clip after killing a zombie. Always reload when you can, and if you’re out of ammunition, utilise other weapons to kill zombies.

Develop moments

By fostering friendships and other interactions between people, players in The Walking Dead video game may create memorable moments. Finding money (Coins), enlisting new members into your gang, and accomplishing tasks for certain characters across the chapters are all ways to do this.


Several voice actresses and actors contribute to the game’s excellent experience, and many of the characters in this awful game have recorded voice acting. Through several cut scenes, the player may converse with the characters, and depending on their decisions throughout the game, they will engage with them.

Various conclusions

One of this game’s most crucial features solely relies on your choices and actions—is its several endings. Take pleasure in expanding your gaming by making selections often.

the walking dead season

Depending on the player’s actions in various scenarios, such as murdering or rescuing people, it may have a happy or unhappy conclusion.

Download Walking Dead Season 1 Mod APK

The Walking Dead Season 1 Mod Apk seeks to balance thoughtful narrative decisions and exact gameplay. Playing this game will always be exciting since it has many unexpected events and activities.

To quickly eliminate zombies, aim to hit their heads whenever possible. This is not a game to shoot at random and miss. Get your headshot in and act-wise. By doing this, you’ll be able to glance at the surroundings more efficiently, preserve your life, and conserve bullets.

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