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My Horse Stories MOD APK Free Unlimited Money Game for Android and iOS Devices, Latest Version, 100% Working

The stress of city living strains the bond between the father and son. Your grandfather’s desire to relocate to the little town where he grew up directly results from this. Grandma tends to the plants and the horses in her garden. Your late mother, a former horse racing champion, had a fondness for equines.

You feel discouraged by this development at first. For those of you who are sick of rural life, I present Michael, a young man who often hangs around in Grandma’s yard. You and Michael grow close as you learn to care for and ride a horse.

A gran is chatting on the phone at some point. Gran has a bank loan that she has to pay off ASAP. You’ll stop at nothing to ensure that your grandma takes home the checkered flag in the horse race. So begins the first tale in the game.

My Horse Stories Mod APk

The game The limitless gem count should be raised. Owning a specific quantity of gems allows players to acquire money and energy for use in the game. The player may use the components to construct various items, such as a food mill, water pump, stationary ride, etc. Horses like Wind, Summer, Genie, etc., are available for purchase with money.

Tournaments are an excellent way for players to earn money and gems, but they cost energy to enter. The building of grain mills, water pumps, stables for horses, silos, and so on may all be sped up with the help of gems.

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Features of My Horse Stories Mod APK

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To start a new adventure Horse, Mine

Playing the game is like switching from being a city slicker to a rustic bumpkin. You had hoped to spend a wonderful summer vacation in New York, but your plans have had to be altered. Central Kentucky, an unlikely choice for a summer getaway given the state’s association with the horse industry, will be our destination this year. Don’t waste your time moping about when you might be out seeing the world. Dan, a charming country boy, will show you about the town and fill you in on all the happenings.

My Horse Stories game APK

the game

You suddenly find yourself in a gorgeous rural setting, far from the metropolis’s hustle and bustle. As you settle into your new life, you and your horses form a strong bond. You won’t find a cuter or more regal-looking creature. Use the in-game prompts to ensure their well-being. The care, maintenance, and expansion of a horse farm are all in your hands. Keep in mind that each month will bring brand-new, exciting races. Make sure your horse is tip-top by giving yourself plenty of time to get ready. Take the top reward by beating out the competition.

Tacking up horses

Never get on a new horse, as the saying goes. Get him acclimated to it and ready to face daily surprises in the form of races. Training equipment may be found in the yard just in front of your home. Your horse will require training in areas such as sitting still, trotting, and show jumping. Get some good training before the event begins.

Caitlin is a highly sophisticated and professional horse racing girl, so watch her. On every course, you’ll be competing primarily against yourself. The only way for the gamer to claim the renowned title without a title is to circumvent this. But have no fear; it is possible for you to excel beyond all others. Get your name on the top of the leaderboard by charging the finish line like a true warrior.

My Horse Stories Mod APk

Equip Your Horse Completely

In addition to developing their ability to compete, players should improve their overall play. Users of the game quickly access a bathhouse and a storefront with brand-new attire. You need to give them regular baths and feed them well. Hanging the horse with a saddle can further enhance its visual appeal. It’s your responsibility to nurse them back to health with an abundance of vitamins and anti-fatigue elixirs once they’ve fought off the enemy. You’ll need to get your cowboy duds and boots ready to go, as well as your horse before you can enter any competitions involving cowboys.

Lengthen the width of the form.

Players must construct a large, well-maintained horse farm to keep their equines free from contagions. New forms can be created in addition to being redesigned and reworked. A player’s responsibilities in games include keeping the stables clean and giving the horses plenty to eat and drink.

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Horse Tales: Modified Android App My Horse Stories – Mod Apk Money No Limits.

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