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PUBG Mod Apk is the most popular apk file after the pubg mobile India ban there is good news for all PubG mobile lovers and all those who love to play battlefield games.

PubG will be back in India as Battleground mobile India. The reason for the PubG mobile India ban will be rectified and soon Battleground India will be re-launched for its gamers.

The new application will have similar features as PubG mobile India. There will be 100 players playing simultaneously in a game.

Maps, war zones, boarding a flight to jump on a selected zone, collecting weapons and medical aid all the features and winning streak remain the same in Battleground mobile India.


The official Facebook page of PubG has already declared that PUBG Mobile Indian is soon to come. After PubG mobile India got banned, it left many gamers sad especially those who had bought special mobile phones, and accessories to play the game. PubG wants to gift their lovers the same game this Diwali.

This announcement has left fans waiting for the auspicious festival even more. This will be named Battleground mobile India. Before the new launch let us be prepared with our work of knowing the game so that we can start playing as soon as it is released.

We can therefore have a look at the PubG Download Apk (India Version) and its features. If you want to download PUBG Mobile India Apk Download, you need to follow a few steps that I will be mentioning later in this article. Before that let us understand the detailed features of the new version and its changes.

PUBG Mobile Mod APK

PUBG Mobile Mod APK

PubG is a game that has made people crazy around the globe. When you install it from the play store or app store it has got certain limitations.

To remove these limitations, the PubG mod apk is very helpful. This helps you to give unlimited access to multiple things that I will mention throughout the article

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

Being a gamer myself, I know exactly what are the things you will need to unlock before you start playing a game.

This Mod Apk gives you all the required resources and helps you to mobilize your winning streak.

If you are already a gamer you will know that there are many accessories that you need to earn and also pay many times.

PubG Mobile Mod Apk helps you to u lock all these features before even you start playing. So, be it any weapon you need to fight or costume to win a game.

What is Battleground Pubg Mod Apk

After the ban in Pubg due to its security policy in India, the company is again trying to enter the Indian market with the latest version just for Indian gamers. This will have similar features as that of the previous one.

There will be zones and you can view all this on a map. This map can be compressed and expanded at your convenience. At the start of the game, you will board a flight with your team.

The team can be of 2 or 4 players. At your selected spot you need to jump from the flight and can open the parachute at any time or else it opens automatically once you reach near landing spot. There you have to search for weapons, ammunition, and medical aid.

After that, you can start eliminating your enemies and move from one zone to another till the final compressed zone. Your team can play till the final member remains in the game.

The features and winning conditions all remain the same before its ban in September 2020.

PUBG Hack Apk Unlimited Health Download 2021

Pubg hack apk unlimited health download is one of the best approaches when gamers want to have access to a new version of the game.

This will give access to all the features; you will be able to play better because your shot will not miss the target and you will be better equipped than other players for winning the game.

PubG Mod Apk’s latest version is not available on Google Play Store on Android phones and App Store for IOS. PubG Mod Apk gives unlimited medical aid which makes you more powerful than others.

With unlimited health, you can always revive yourself if you are hit by a shot, and your level or chances of winning the game increases more than others. You will also get unlimited access to weapons, and ammunition.

This will help you to never run out of ammunition and save time in searching the same while playing. You can concentrate more on the game and focus on eliminating your enemies.

Most gamers go for unlimited health and ammunition. To maintain your better chances, you need to be updated with others. Most people play on the phone but you can always have a desktop version also. Windows 10 is very suitable for this version.

Difference Between PUBG MOD APK and Battleground Mobile India

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk and Battlegrounds Mobile India are two recent additions to the PUBG family. With the international of PUBG Mobile, Krafton Inc. (the company responsible for PubG mobile Mod Apk) announced two recent versions of the popular battle royale warring game.


The PubG Mod Apk announcement was made in February, while Battleground Mobile India was revealed this month.

There are major three differences between both gaming applications. One most important difference between the two names is the state of availability. The company stated that PUBG New State would be released globally while Battleground mobile will be specially released in India.

Moreover, China and Vietnam will have special versions of PubG. Specially designed for the Indians, the gaming application is set to remove the ban on the game by following country security guidelines.

PUBG Hack Apk

There is a difference in release timing as well. The app in India will release this year Diwali whereas the other one is dated to be released in the year 2051.TPubG Mew State Mobile Apk will consist of futuristic weapons and vehicles.

The update is expected to bring out a revolutionary change in terms that will take the world of gaming graphics to a completely new level.

The PubG Indian version will have the same features as the one you played before the ban in September 2020.

Battleground Mobile India Mod APK

There won’t be any futuristic updates added to the game. That is there will be no new maps, weapons, or zones added to the Indian version.

Battleground Mobile India has some special specifications for the android mobile requirement. It will be available only on Android 5.1.1. It will also require a minimum of 2 GB of RAM to run.

The specifications have been kept such that its gameplay is easily accommodated in most budget smartphones.

The PubG version not available in India had run a pre-registration for PUBG New State in February 2020.

The company revealed that over 10 million gamers already had pre-registered for the game. It also revealed that gamers who had pre-registered would get a permanent Limited edition vehicle skin as a reward. The pre-registration drive for Battleground Mobile India has recently started.

Currently, the register is opened only for Android users. They can pre-register for the game through the Google Play Store.

The company also announced that pre-registering for the game also has some great rewards. The gamers will be rewarded with the Recon skin, Recon Mask, and the Celebration Expert title with 300 AGs.

Features Of PUBG MOD APK

PubG Mod Apk has many similar features to the application when installed from the play store or an app store but yes with many added features that I have mentioned below.

PubG Mod Apk Download for ammunition and medical aid

Pubg Mobile Mod Apk has access to unlimited medical aid and ammunition. I have already given you the details of its importance in the game under the topic PUBG Hack Apk Unlimited Health Download.

PubG Mod Apk Download for eliminating enemies

PubG hack download will make it easy to hit or shoot your enemies without any missed target. There is a bit that works for you in the background. This helps you to easily eliminate your enemies and win the arena. This is used even by beginners or by professionals. You too will require it as and when your level in the game increases.

PubG Mod Apk Download for speed

Pubg Mobile Speed hack is one of the best and most popular mods of the pubg hack version. This helps you to move from one zone to another while playing and eliminating your enemies at the same time.

PubG throughout the game compresses your gaming zone and if you remain in the zone which is getting compressed then you have to die in the game.

At such time, you have to run or board a vehicle and move to a safe zone. PubG Mod Apk will help you to move faster and save your life.

How To Download PUBG MOD APK

To download the mod apk version of PubG, you need to follow a few easy steps that I have mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you have to uninstall the play store or app store version of the game if you have already downloaded it before.
  • Before you start to download, make some changes to mobile settings.
  • You have to go to the android phone settings icon or iOS phone settings.
  • Click on the Settings icon and go to security. Click on it.
  • Here you have to enable unknown source apk download. This is the most important step as this allows any unknown apk to get downloaded.
  • Without this, you will not be able to complete any further steps and download Pubg Mobile Mod Apk.
  • Search a link by typing-by-typing Mod Apk for PubG unlocked in google.
  • Click on the URL.
  • Here you will see a button to download the Mod Apk file. Click on this Download Button.
  • This will open a new window where you get the start download button. Click on this button and the Mod Apk will start downloading.
  • After the download completion, you have to go to File Manager.

Here at File Manager click on the downloaded file of PubG Mobile Mod Apk. Here you can see an install button. Click on this install button and within a few minutes, it will be installed.

Once installed the application is ready to be launched. You can start playing games and you will have access to features mentioned under Features of PUBG MOD APK.

Note: This is a violent game and so children are to be kept away from it. Those who are playing need to play with great responsibility. Such violent games can affect you mentally because you can start thinking the same in real life too. Always keep the playtime in control and try to avoid playing it every day. Once started playing such games can be addictive and can affect your personal life also. Going by this few countries have banned PubG under mental health guidelines.

Battleground Mobile India APK FAQs

What is the release date of Battleground mobile India apk?

It is officially said that the app will release on Diwali in 2021. This can be sawn on PubG official Facebook page.

What are the mobile specifications for apk?

The app requires android 5.1.1 and a 2 Gb Ram.

Will there be added features or updates in the future?

As of now, Krafton has denied adding any updates or features after its release especially the PubG New State addition of 2051.

Why should I download this PUBG MOD?

it’s is simple if you want to free everyone those features you want but when you go then it takes some money then PUBG Mod ask one of the best options. Using a mod apk application is not a crime but I suggest you should download a mod apk application only from a trusted website


PubG was the most loved game before its ban in India. Within 2 weeks of its registration launch, billions of gamers have already registered even before its release.

Battleground India’s release after its ban is not a surprise since India is a huge market for the company and it had to abide by the country’s principles.

I am still hopeful that Krafton may say that the app may not have any future updates, going by the billions of games in the country it may change its decision in the future.

Download PUBG Mobile MOD APK v2.1.0 (Unlimited UC, Hack, AimBot)

Download (24MB)
5/5 (1 vote)

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